• Are your diamonds real and Conflict-Free?

Yes. All our genuine diamonds are real and natural earth mined. We only purchase diamonds from the most respected suppliers who have documentation warranting that the diamond was obtained through legitimate channels. They are Conflict-free diamonds.

  • Do you offer eco-friendly gemstones?

Yes. We offer eco-friendly diamond alternative such as lab grown diamonds and moissanites,  they have the same properties as mined diamonds and cost much less for the same grade. For melee diamonds (~1mm) in the halo, you can request to be substitute with VS/G grade of lab diamonds for the same price of melee diamonds. For larger center stones, lab diamonds priced individually like genuine diamonds. Contact us for more details.

  • Is your gold real and solid?

Yes. Our gold is 14k or 18k solid gold. NOT gold plated, filled or gold Vermeil.

  • Why is a 6ct morganite so cheap? I am little suspicious about your gemstone quality.

We sell directly to consumers online globally without middle men since 1999. It is our mission from the very beginning that we strive to afford everyone an opportunity to buy high quality custom engagement ring without breaking your bank. We have changed the way consumers buy custom made pieces, as our founder envisioned -- it is like magic shopping experience. 

  • Why are your prices up recently? 

We take product pricing very seriously and strive to bring LOGR products to consumers as affordably as possible. While we have been able to maintain our pricing at whole sale level since 1999, inflationary pressures on our raw materials like gold, manufacturing, and shipping costs require us to adjust our pricing.
As a result, we have modified the prices of most products, reflecting an overall increase of 8%. Due to the large selection of our products, some might not have been updated accordingly, such as old semi mount collection, which intended to inspire you for your custom piece. Contact us if you are interested.

  •  I received the item but not happy, can I exchange, upgrade or return?

Yes. We offer 30-day money guarantee and lifetime manufacturing warranty. See our Customer Services here.

  •  Do I send my returns to your office in U.S. and Canada? Where is your items made?

Yes. We have Customer services in Toronto, Canada and Boston, U.S., you can send your returns to these locations for your convenience. Warranty and repair works are done in Massachusetts. Our jewelry is made at our workshop in China. 

  • If I need repair or mounting services, do you have local service provider?

Yes. We partner with Boston jewelers for warrant works and sourcing and more.

  •  Can you customize any style to my desire?

Yes. Any style you like. We can start from scratch on the paper or photo you like. Additional cost applied but very reasonable.

  •  Is my jewelry exactly like the item listed on your site?

We make every attempt to ensure that our item description and picture is as accurate as possible, and your jewelry match the online listing. However most items are made to order, that means we made it just for you when you order it, the metal weight and number of accent stones used in a ring may vary depending on your ring size and other factors. In addition, due to the nature of handmade work, each piece may slightly different than other. Merchandise pictures are enlarged to show details but may not be exact same as actual items.

  •  How to find my ring size?

Please check out here for your reference. 

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