Selecting Your Ring

Your own tastes are your best guide, but here are several quick items to keep in mind to make sure your ring is just the perfect one for you and will deliver enjoyment for years to come!  Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions on our rings.

Choosing a Gem Stone

If you want a ring for daily wear, diamonds are in true fact your best friend.  They are many times harder than even rubies or topaz.   Charles & Colvard Moissanite is also a very hard stone.

Morganite, opal, and turquoise are softer stones.  Unlike diamond, they can be scratched with a steel nail and they are more porous, meaning they will cloud over from soap faster if you have them on while washing your hands or cleaning dishes.

Choosing a Setting

Your tastes aside, the key choice to make in the setting is prongs versus pave.  Prongs grip the sides of the gem in a secure cradle.  They leave most of the gem exposed, and are often used for large gems to let the light through and show off their fantastic color and cut!

Pave settings use tiny holes drilled into the rings surface.  The gems, usually diamonds, are placed in these tiny pores and held in place by metal beads that are designed to be almost invisible.  The result is a brilliant surface, almost entirely paved with diamond!  The pave technique is often used to form halos around larger gemstones, or to create an eternity band that shines.

For daily wear, prongs are your choice as they stand up to hand washing, dish washing, and trips to the gym.  Just as you wouldn’t wear your beaded high-heels to the gym or while doing rough work, you wouldn’t wear your pave ring either.  Hard knocks and acidic chemicals can disturb the delicate setting, loosening the gems.

For any ring, keep in mind that metal and rock are harder than platinum, gold, and silver.  Leave your ring at home while hiking and rock climbing!

Ring Care

Many gemstones, particularly morganite or aquamarines, attract soaps and oils and can develop a cloudy finish.  If your gem starts looking a little dull use this procedure.  Soak the ring in tub-warm water for a few minutes.  Over a bowl (and not the sink!), gently brush with a toothbrush dipped in dish soap for a few minutes to get rid of that build up.  Rinse with water.  Shake off all the excess water and let it air dry.

Do not clean a micro-pave ring in an ultrasonic cleaner.  The ultrasonic cleaner vibrates the ring and can shake the delicate setting.

Remember to separate your jewelry.  Harder stones can scratch softer stones and settings.

For complete care of jewelry, please check out here Jewelry Care

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