Free Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

We stand behind our products and craftsmanship of our jewelry. LOGR offers a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all LOGR fine jewelry. If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, please contact us right away and may send it back for inspection. If we determine your item has a manufacturer defect or is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, LOGR will repair the warrantied damage or replace the item without charge. If we determine the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, then we will offer repair services at standard costs.

Repair or service performed by a jeweler other than LOGR will void the warranty unless you are authorized to do so.

Jewelry is made from very durable materials but is not indestructible. Striking, banging and lifting solid heavy items can damage your jewelry and break gemstones and is not considered normal wear. Most manufacturing defects will appear quickly and involve the structure of the jewelry item. Our manufacturing warranty excludes coverage for wear and tear, loss of gemstones, product loss, or theft. 

Some examples of common jewelry issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include:

  • The discoloration of precious metals caused by chemicals, make-up, immersion in pools and hot tubs, or bathing.
  • Precious metals, and especially prongs, wear down over time, they are part of normal wear.
  • Prongs catching, wearing out, or bending over time due to everyday wear or normal damage, allowing a gemstone to fall out.
  • The loss of a gemstone caused by damage from everyday wear or from other damage.

We highly recommend that you buy home insurance coverage for your jewelry to help cover significant damage, loss, or theft. 

    Free 90 Day Resize and Repair 

    We offer one ring sizing or repair within the first 90 days of delivery at no charge to you.

    First Year Accent Stones Replacement

    Some modern settings such as micro pave setting look stunning but are delicate and require extra care from wearers. We will mail you loose stones (<=1mm diameter) in the event your accent stones fell out within a year and you can have it fixed locally by your jeweler. Make sure work with a jeweler who has skills to deal with micro pave mounting, otherwise, small stones might be loosen when the band is bent during resizing or fixing. Alternatively, you can send it to our US service provider at Massachusetts for services at very reasonable fee.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We have partnered with local services providers to better take care of you and your investment. You can send back your jewelry for routine maintenance and refurbish at Discounted Price to perform the following:

    • Cleaning and polishing
    • Rhodium plating,
    • Stone tightening
    • Fixing prongs
    • Inspections

    Free Shipping + Easy Return

    Free 3-day worldwide shipping and 30-day money back guarantee.