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Wedding Ring Guide

Not certain how to choose the perfect wedding ring? This is all you need to know.
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One of the fantastic perks of being engaged is shopping for a gorgeous wedding ring!  But there is such a variety of styles, colors, stones, it’s easy to get lost in the process.

Use this wedding ring guide to break down your choices step by step and to make sure that you focus on a set of rings that are uniquely right for you and your partner.  And at any point don’t hesitate to chat with one of our specialists to discuss styles, traditions, and budgets! 

General Guidelines

1. Set a budget

Just as for your engagement ring, decide up front on a budget that you are comfortable with.  One the one hand, you want a gorgeous, durable, and enduring ring that you will love to wear every day.  On the other, you want a ring that makes sense for you and that is within your comfort level for your salary and lifestyle. 

When wending through the options, don’t assume that rings picked off the shelf would be less expensive than a custom-made set of wedding rings.   This is particularly the case with Lord of Gem Rings, as we make each and every ring to explicit order, each and every time, for each and every customer, even if you are starting from one of our existing designs.

Don’t hesitate to chat with one of the Lord of Gem Rings specialists, who will listen to your priorities and give you options for designing your personal dream wedding set within your budget.  We take extraordinary pride in helping you find a ring that has specific meaning for you and that will match your desires perfectly.

2. Reflect your own personal style

Think about what jewelry you already own – and what catches your eye whenever you are shopping. 

Do you favor a classic style?  In this case a traditional eternity, half eternity ring or five stone ring might be perfect for you.  

Is your style more minimalist, sleek, or contemporary? If so, a band with sparking pavé diamonds or stackable rings might suit. 

Are you concerned about environment and want to respond the issue with a ring you wear? If so, eco-friendly diamond alternative stones such as moissanite, lab diamond and lab sapphire can help you make a statement about the environment

Jewelry is one of our oldest forms of expressions. Do you want to express your uniqueness? You can wear a ring made from unexpected materials such as alexandrite, moonstone, opal, or onyx , or other color gemstone wedding band.

Alternately, do you favor a vintage style?  If so a wedding ring with intricate craftsmanship featuring scrollwork, lace patterns and filagree may be just the thing. Or do you into nature? If so a nature inspired wedding band is for you. 

As an everyday and cherished companion, your wedding ring will become a part of you.  It may even become an heirloom you will pass down to your children.  Find a ring that reflects the true you. 

3. Don’t insist on matching bands

Today, there are no rules that say that partners’ wedding rings have to match.  This is a piece of jewelry each of you will wear every day for a lifetime, and it’s imperative that each of you have a ring you will both enjoy wearing.  One partner may want intricate craftsmanship to match their engagement ring, while the other might prefer a plain band with just a few birthstones or a single diamond accent stone. Don’t limit yourself – find a ring you truly love! 

4. Shop early

Shop for wedding rings at least six months before the wedding.  There are so many arrangements to make in the weeks approaching the wedding, and you don’t want to find a wedding right to be the last on the list and a choice made in a rush.  Shopping early also gives you plenty of time to commission engravings, to have custom rings made specifically for you and your partner, or a wedding band carefully designed to match your engagement ring perfectly.

5. Consider engraving your wedding ring

Many couples make their rings perfectly unique by engraving the inside with a romantic message, their name, their initials, or their wedding date!  LOGR can easily accommodate any engraving requests, for free!

6. Hold off re-sizing your engagement ring

Your engagement ring might seem slightly loose when worn alone as engagement rings are usually “top heavy” and tend to spin.  But wait until you try it alongside a matching wedding band before you have it resized.  Once paired with the wedding band, the two rings together tend to put more pressure on your finger and fit more snugly as a result.

7. Consider your lifestyle

Do you work at a desk all day, or do you have a more active lifestyle?  Even if you are always on the go, but don’t want to sacrifice sparkle for durability there are fantastic options.  For instance, you may opt for channel-set gemstones, which are placed side-by-side between channels that keep them secure.  Or you may choose a half-eternity ring, which has solid metal at the bottom to take the brunt of daily wear and tear. Or upgrade to platinum metal for its maximum security. 

Guidelines for matching wedding bands

There is nothing in your jewelry case that has as much power and meaning as your engagement ring.  In fact, there is nothing in any jewelry store anywhere that has as much meaning for any price.  For that reason, many brides wish to make a wedding ring that matches and sets off their engagement ring perfectly, so they can wear this stunning pair of rings every day.  

At LOGR, we revel in the opportunity to provide exactly this kind of custom wedding ring!  We make it affordable and easy to do. We take the specifications and size of your ring and create the perfect match that will rest snugly against even the most unique engagement ring! 

Straight vs. Contour vs. Open.  Consider how your engagement ring and wedding band will work together. Find out what your engagement style is and how to measure your engagement ring in order to make a perfect matching band.

  • Do you have an engagement ring with a raised basket holding the gem, as is the case with a raised-solitaire engagement ring? If so, you can pair it with a straight wedding band. 
  • On the other hand, the basket holding the gem might be flush with your finger, as is the case with the classic solitaire engagement ring. In this case, you will want to consider an open-end wedding band, which has a gap in the center to fit the engagement setting snugly in the opening.  Or you can consider a contour wedding band, which has a graceful curve made to fit precisely against the engagement ring.  Lord of Gem Rings can make a contour band to precisely fit any style of engagement ring, including low profile rings that need a large curve or geometric rings that need a sharp “V” curve.

Eternity vs. Non-eternity.  An eternity ring is a ring with gems that run the entire circumference of the shank. On the contrary, non-eternity rings mean gemstones don't cover the entire shank.  Most common non-eternity rings are half eternity and 3/4th eternity. An half-eternity ring has gems that run halfway around while 3/4 eternity means that any gemstones or diamonds on a ring go somewhere in between half-way around the shank and all the way.

  • Eternity rings are stunning, with a sparkle that runs continuously around the entire ring in powerful symbolism of everlasting love, trust, and continuity. Eternity rings also need more care, as the inside of your hand is exposed to more wear and tear, and the full-eternity ring has more likelihood of a stone becoming loose or even dislodging. 
  • Half-eternity rings are more durable as they have metal on the palm side, are less expensive as they use fewer gems, and many feel are more comfortable as they do not have diamonds and prongs on the side to rob against your pinky and middle finger. If you like the look of eternity ring but at the same time you want comfort of half eternity ring, the best option is 3/4 eternity ring. If you didn't find THE ONE, send us an inquiry, we will custom design it for you.

Style.  Be sure to match the style of your engagement ring, whether that is classic, minimalist, or vintage.  For instance, if your engagement ring is vintage with fine-crafted filagree, your wedding right should be in the same style. Lord of Gem Rings has many wedding ring styles, and you might be inspired by one of them.

Metal.  Choose the same metal density for your engagement and wedding ring so they will wear similarly over time and keep a similar appearance and luster.  If your engagement ring is platinum, choose a platinum wedding band.  If your ring is gold, go for the same density metal in yellow, white or rose gold.

Contact us!

With so many options available for a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the ring shopping process, especially when there are so many other arrangements to plan for the wedding!  Don’t hesitate to email us , contact us or live chat with us with questions or help narrowing down the options. From explaining what metals and gems work best with your lifestyle, advising on what style wedding ring works best with your engagement ring, or finding creative options within your budget, we would love to discuss your wedding ring with you, and we would love to help you create the ring of your dreams.

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