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11 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Engagement Photos Unique & Fun

Your engagement pictures should be a time to enjoy your time together. Here some awesome and fun ideas for your engagement shoot.

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For many couples, engagement pictures are the first opportunity to have professional portraits made of them - in their non-wedding attire and everyday worlds. Engagement sessions are a time to have fun and make memories.

When thinking of some ideas for your engagement shoot, we turned to Allana Taranto, a professional engagement and wedding photographer. Here are some unique engagement photoshoot ideas that will help you get the look you need for your pictures on your big day.

Take Advantage of your Surroundings

Place is usually the first thing to think about when planning your engagement portraits. What location best fits the mood you want to create in your portraits. The best engagement pictures come from places of honesty and authenticity.

Consider choosing a meaningful place in your relationship as the place for your engagement photos. If you're having pictures taken in a favorite place, bring something meaningful to you, make it part of the background, and incorporate it into candid shots. 

Pay Attention to Lighting

Time of day and lighting can make a big difference in the tone and mood of engagement photography. The look you're going for is all in the light, so pay attention to how it falls and how test shots can help you find your best angle.


When you plan a photoshoot, you’ll want to wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. However, Make sure you both look like you are going to the same party! 

Don't Be Afraid to Laugh

A lot of the best shots come from silly moments. Don't be afraid to connect with each other and show your personality in these pictures. These playful moments are often honest portrayals of the playful idea of your relationship. 

Grab a Bite To Eat

Another fun idea for an engagement shoot is to grab a bite to eat or a drink together at one of your favorite spots. These food-themed photos could be at your favorite restaurant, or eating your favorite dish you enjoy cooking together in the comfort of your own home. Either way, a food date is a cute idea for your shoot.


There’s no better way to celebrate an engagement than with champagne. These photos could include holding champagne flutes, doing a classy toast, or better yet, capturing an in-action shot popping a bottle of champagne.

Capture Romantic Moments

If you’re an affectionate couple, capturing romantic moments can be some of the best engagement photos. An intimate gaze into each other’s eyes, the moments before a kiss, or a romantic embrace - these can all be great photos captured in your shoot.

Capture Walking Shots

Capture that perfect moment with a walking shot. Find an amazing backdrop, a local city park, a sandy beach, or a nature preserve to walk through. Going on a scenic stroll, you will catch charming moments of holding hands, kisses, and an arm around the shoulder.

Bring your Furry Friend

Though getting a pet to look into the camera can be a tough task, these photos can be cute for dog and cat parents. Pets are part of your family, and including them in your engagement shoot will make it special.

Capture The Ring

Of course, you’ll want to show off the sparkle and shine of your engagement ring! A close-up shot of the ring can be a wonderful addition to your engagement shoot.

Remember to Have Fun At Your Engagement Photoshoot!

Your engagement pictures should be a time to enjoy your time together. It's important to be yourself and to have fun during your photoshoot. No matter which ideas you choose, remember that these photos will be a fun keepsake for when you grow older. 

Looking for more ideas? Be sure to visit the Ars Magna Studio website for inspiration. 


About Allana:

Allana Taranto is a professional photographer in Boston who creates timeless and beautiful portraits, collaborating with her clients to tell the story that celebrates your life. She is the owner of Ars Magna Studio and Modern Muse Boudoir.

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